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Look no further than Grand Pier Guest House, in Brighton, East Sussex, when you are in search of deluxe holiday accommodation. Priced competitively for fine living in Brighton, a beautiful seaside town, our rooms offer a truly unique experience. While prices during festival times and bank holidays may vary, we offer reasonable rates, which are detailed below.


Midweek Rates

Applicable between Mondays and Thursdays, our midweek rates very affordable. Simply call our friendly consultants to discuss our latest prices. You may check availability by browsing our Eviivo™ profile.

Weekend Rates

Our weekend rates apply on Fridays to Sundays. Please get in touch to discuss availability and our latest prices.

Please note that during festival times, prices may vary. Please contact us if you wish to book during any time of an event in Brighton. We take the first night’s cost as a deposit when you book, and then the remainder upon your arrival. For guests who do not show up, we take full payment on the first day of the booking.

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Contact us, in Brighton, East Sussex, to find out more about our beautifully furnished holiday accommodation.